Wildlife is Abundant!

Fisher’s Landing Resort is flanked by the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge. The area is a haven for desert animals, migratory and native birds, reptiles, mammals, and a host of diverse insects common to the desert. Our wildlife can be observed from land, as well as water and well past the Picacho State Recreation Area, its good practice to keep a camera and a pair of binoculars close by!

Some of the animals are even a little photogenic, but be careful when approaching them, they are still wild animals and can seriously injure you or a loved one. Our donkeys are wild; mothers with foals and aggressive males can kick or bite and or charge you or your pets. We also have snakes and scorpions year round, not all are lethal to humans, but it’s best to play it safe and keep your distance if you spot one.

Beware of Coyotes, they are opportunists and think of small dogs as snacks!