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Arizona’s Top 10 Boating Violations

1. Not enough life jackets (personal flotation devices) for everyone on board.

2. Fire extinguisher lack of, non-marine type, and/or out of service.

3. Riding on the bow, transom, or gunwales of a vessel operating above a wake less speed.

4. Operating under the influence (OUI).

5. Excessive wake or speed.

6. No Type IV throwable PFD on board.

7. Children 12 years of age or younger not wearing a life jacket (PFD) while underway.

8. Reckless operation of a personal watercraft.

9. Lights specifically no or incorrect navigation lights.

10. Waterskiing without an observer.


MLHOA ALERT: 4/17/16 - Aggressive problem that is happening now in our river. Please read and pass this information on.

Water hyacinth and water lettuce both recently showed up in Ferguson Lake. Given that they both showed up at the same place at the same time, we believe the introduction was probably the result of an aquarium/backyard pond dump in the lake. They are both very aggressive, very nasty invasive species that can completely cover a water body. Water hyacinth has been known to double its area in as little as a week.

AGFD, CDFW, USFWS, BLM, BR, and others are already doing what we can to contain these plants. If anybody sees these plants, plants, please call 928-345-4905 or e-mail to report what you saw, when you saw it, and where you saw it (GPS coordinates if possible).

For answers to questions regarding Naegleri fowleri please access the CDC (Center for Disease Control)

NOTICE: MLHOA 411 Bulletin
The attached letter was sent to us by John MacDonald, field supervisor, of the BLM. Just a short 2 years ago he spoke to our group about their upcoming evaluations of our outback. It looks like progress has been made, and as they have requested previously, they would like our input.

The BLM has provided 15 large maps of the routes and trails that is under consideration. The maps are by the pool tables at the Rio Loco grill at Fisher's. They are available for your review.

We believe they honestly are wanting our opinions so please keep in mind that we only have until October 12, 2015 to have our voices heard.

Opening back gate at Hidden Shores! Oct 13, 2014  (the gate is closed for summer months)

In response to the question if you will still be able to take the back way up this winter. Good news!

There was a meeting with the GM of Hidden Shores who has graciously come up with a compromise to keep the outback gate open. PLEASE keep in mind that is his responsibility to keep his park safe and that everyone follows the rules. Please respect the rules if you choose to enter the gates. Watch out for wildlife and enjoy the scenery. Pack out what you pack in (this means no littering).


Official word from Hidden Shores:

Hidden Shores is instituting the following policies regarding non-site holder’s use of the “gates” for “ingress and egress”. Please note that Hidden Shores is a “FEE USE AREA”.

Visitors to Hidden Shores using the Outback of Front Gate will be allowed to gain direct access to either (short cut) gate at no charge as long as the visitor is respectful of the rules and policies of Hidden Shores and our Site Holders.

Our speed limit is 10mph, and no cruising is allowed through the park. Visitors may stop at the Cove, fuel or store still observing the same Park Policies.

Please be advised that access thru our park is a privilege, and the first incident we encounter will result in possibly charging a fee or closing the gate altogether to non-site holders. We realize there are a lot of great individuals and families using parks to the north of us, and we do not want to institute these policies, but last year’s incidents as well as the safety and well-being of our site holders (which is OUR priority), leave us no choice.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

*In property law, ingress, egress, and regress are the rights of a person (such as a lessee) to enter, leave, and return to a property, respectively.

Fisher’s Landing Resort, along with all our residents and guests, can thank Paula Shafer for her efforts to ensure that we can still roll freely this upcoming season, so PLEASE show respect for Hidden Shores as well as our appreciation for Paula to get this access approved.

Bob Holzner: What You Need to Know About the Quagga Mussels

Opinion: Todays News Herald, May 4, 2015

Dear Editor:

Here's the situation:

1. Lake Havasu is infested with an aquatic invasive species called the Quagga Mussel.

2. Many people who boat on the lake don't know much about this intruder or why it's a problem (they consume nutrients in the lake needed by valuable aquatic life and they build a crust around water outlets at the dams, restricting water flow).

3. There is an Arizona state law and management protocol in place to deal with the problem of moving the Quagga to other bodies of water.

4. Arizona Game & Fish has the responsibility to both educate the public about the Quagga and to enforce applicable laws.

5. The problem is much larger than the AZDGF can handle due to lack of funding and manpower. The Lake Havasu Marine Association is helping AZDGF with their volunteers (visit for details), but even more help is needed from the public.

6. People who use the lake, including visiting boaters, and people who just care about the lake need to step up and help. I decided to jump in and help where I could.

Here's my approach:

I saw the billboards about "Don't Move a Mussel" in various locations. At highway speed, I didn't glean a whole lot of detail. So, I went to all of the boat ramps to review the signage and talk to park rangers. I realized that I may be able to help improve methods of getting information to the public. I talked to Jim Salscheider, CEO/President of the Lake Havasu Marine Association, Pat Barber, Director of AZDGF for the western counties and Suzanne Ehret, the lone AZDGF agent for Lake Havasu. After they apprised me of the situation and welcomed my help, I sat down with Mr. Salscheider and we had a long discussion. I can tell you that beyond their responsibilities, these people really care and really need our help.

The conclusions:

1. Uninformed boaters will unwittingly leave the launch ramps with grass, debris or bilge water from the lake, which can harbor the Quagga.

This is the prime method by which Quaggas are spread to other bodies of water. The rule is "pull the plug, drain, clean and dry" your boat. There are postings at launch ramps and elsewhere, although limited and improvement is needed.

2. Boaters can be cited by an AZDGF agent for a violation of the statute and can be fined as much as $500 on a criminal class 2 misdemeanor and also be placed on probation (this has already happened on many occasions and has created some really bad feelings).

3. While the local AZDGF vies for more funding and more help, they desperately need our help in educating people, local and visitors alike. The Lake Havasu Marine Association (a non-profit organization of volunteers) is playing a vital role in educating boaters.

4. Apathy is our worst enemy. If people care about our lake and the work our agencies are trying to do, step up and help. What I did was to visit, then "Boating & OHVs", then "Invasive Species" and did some reading. I started with "State of Arizona Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan".

Then I read about the statutes and so on. I understood all of the elements of the problem. Then I visited Between the two, I was empowered and prepared to take the next step and that is simply to use my computer to pass the word via email to everyone I know who boats on Lake Havasu and ask for their help. I include the AZGFD website and the Marine Association links and ask them to do the same.

People who care will help. People who don't care are simply part of the problem. In the meantime, save yourself some money and grief and help the lakes by following the law: "pull the plug, drain, clean and dry" and pass the word.

Bob Holzner

Lake Havasu City